Care for the elderly in Dorking

At Felbury House, we celebrate life and make sure the people we support do too. We do this by treating everyone as individuals and tailoring our assisted living services and support to meet their needs. These needs vary, and that’s why we offer everything from general accommodation and support to specialist and dementia care. We’re located in Dorking, Surrey, so give us a call today.


Helping You to Cope

A number of people who find it difficult to cope at home or receive a diagnosis of dementia are still able to live independently at home with support from a relative, friend, or paid carer. Many may never need to go into a care home, but soon this often becomes too expensive or too much of a burden on loved ones. For those that make the decision to join us at Felbury House peace of mind for oneself, family, and friends awaits.

We want to make sure that the experience is as close as possible and where possible better than the care that the person would have received at home with the added benefit of 24-hour companionship.

Every day I think how lucky we are to have my mum at Felbury and how happy she is with you all, this means so much to us. Thank you all for everything!”

Daughter and Son-in-Law

For further information on our dementia care and assisted living options, CALL US, in Dorking, Surrey.